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Windows Disher/Washer fuck a mature bourgeoise woman

Throughout my years of practice, I have met so many women and men who would do anything for a game of sex that I had to tell you my story. Here, the good society is taking a hit…

April 2008…Mrs S.

I arrived at 3pm at Madame S.’s Pavilion.. She opened the door for me and let me in. Like many of my clients, she belonged to the same group of provincial bourgeois women. Each of them was a certain age and wore pinch pants or a Chanel suit with a blouse on top, most of the time white. Mrs. S. I didn’t know is a beautiful woman. Her pleasant silhouette, despite her past 65 years, offers to my concupiscent gaze a pair of proudly perched breasts and promising volumes, very feminine hips, a hard belly, a flat but well curved posterior. The old lady had a dog. His square-cut hair was a blond, white hair. She looked like a Slavic princess, her blue and cold eyes with a steel look, her high cheekbones, her square jaw and her well defined mouth, with slightly dry lips, had a pretty smile.

– Come in sir,” she said,”it was Mrs. C. who gave me your contact information. She told me a lot of good things about you, she continued, with a slightly more intense smile.

I must tell you that Mrs. C. had long been a faithful and devoted mistress. Ignoring what she had really said about me, I preferred not to take the initiative with Mrs. S.

I followed her through her house, from room to room, her old ass tempter in front of me made me hard as a horse. I noted in my notebook the sizes of the windows and mirrors to establish the cleaning estimate.
Window washing is a profession where there are many encounters. Working only for private individuals, I spent my days snooping around the rooms while cleaning the windows. Quickly the privacy of the I enjoyed the moment when, either in the bathroom or in the bedroom, a small detail caught my attention, a half-opened drawer displaying naughty lingerie or a dildo. Fall on the title where the author of an erotic book hidden among wise novels, underwear used the day before, rolled into a ball on the ground, the basket of dirty laundry open and growing like an erotic flower pot, long tongues of fabric, lace bra, stockings, pantyhose and garter belt in a firework of color and materials: from immaculate white to deep black, from whore red to Parma shades, pink and grey to underwear for women of a certain age but adepts of old lace. Of course, I was sometimes entrusted with the keys. I took the opportunity to play some very exciting solitary erotic games. But, we will see this another time….

When the tour of the house was over, Mrs. S. made me sit in the living room, in front of her. I would put my notes on the coffee table and lean over them to do the calculations. Madam, deep in the sofa, crossed and straightened her legs feverishly. In my low position, my eyes at the level of my interlocutor’s knees, my gaze plummeted indecently under her Chanel suit. Lift up my chest, I looked her right in the eye and said:
– That will be 220 €. Supporting my gaze, she said to me without blinking:
– I have something to offer you.
While she wanted to continue her sentence, I saw her decompose. She stammered:
– Excuse me… I can’t… it’s Mrs. C… you know… she told me that you… she… me… maybe….
In front of her hesitation I got up and sat down next to her. Her breathing accelerated, she served her hands more and more strongly, her eyes lowered. I began to gently place my hand on the top of his thigh. She but makes no gesture to get away from me.
– Go ahead, Mrs. S., tell me, what’s going on with Mrs. C.?
In a shy little girl’s voice, she slips:
– I need a man. In all my life, I have never known love except to have children, I love my husband but after 45 years of marriage, I want to know the joys of sex. Mrs. C. , with whom I am friends, told me that you could be the man for the job.
His distress and fragility, far from moving me, made me hard. As a predator, I immediately considered all the benefits I could get from this situation.
– If I understand correctly, I said to him, do you want an initiation? You would be the student and I the teacher? Tell me your fantasies, so that we can find together how to satisfy you.
– Oh,” she replied,”it’s not easy… like that… to talk about these things… with my husband who barely touched me and the education I received, some words are taboo.
– Oh well,” I replied,”you never said the word dick?
Lowering her head again, she turned scarlet and told me no. Squeezing his thigh, I told him:
– Go ahead and get started.
With her lips, she says: “Cock”
– That’s it! That’s it! It wasn’t any harder than that! Much less hard than my dick, I said to him, do you want to touch it?
I was about to explode, my fly stretched and my balls on fire, tight in my underwear. Ready to jump on the old lady, I took her hand and put her on my crotch. I feel her contracting and as I move her hand back and forth, her breath speeds up. Lift her head up and arch her loins, she lifts herself off the couch to stick to me. Delighted by the way things are going, I ask him:
– What do you want?
– I don’t know,” she replied.
– But, do you have any desires, any fantasies?
– Oh yes! But I don’t dare tell you.
– Go ahead, Mrs. S., that’s why I’m here!
– No! No! She announced firmly. What I want…. He’s a man who takes care of me! And satisfy his needs with me!
I definitely liked Mrs. S.
– All right,” I replied,”you will continue to want me, but for me you will only be S… A simple letter, the initial of your name, the initial of your position, bitch! The initial of what you’re about to know, the Submission!
Although deeply shocked by my words, S. nods and sighs: “Yes”. I had seen and done crap and junk, but a woman who was ready to submit to this point, I had never known one before.
– First of all, you’re gonna suck my dick!
I get up from the couch and camp in front of her, my lower abdomen at the level of her face.
– Go ahead… Show me how you do it… I ordered her.
With a clumsy hand, she grabs my fly. Once opened, it remains planted, without moving. I take his hand and force him to enter through the opening.
– Go ahead… Drop my underwear and take my dick!
Her hoarse breath tickles me, her hand closes on my sex and she decides to take it out. To see my turgid glans, ready to explode, near that noble face that almost made me ejaculate. I asked him nicely:
– That’s good! That’s good! Now jerk me off!
Stiff on her couch, her other hand stuck against her hip, she gives the impression of being in agony. Her caress, although clumsy, keeps my erection going.
– Balls, I asked him, have you ever touched them?
– Oh no,” she replied,”I hardly noticed my husband’s.
– Well… Go ahead… take them out… Tate them!
A little more confident, her hand goes into my fly to drop her underwear and grab my testicles.
– Come on, get them out!
I discover a face amazed in front of the show. What a joy to see a happy woman when you see her balls. I’ll explain it to him:
– Take your other hand and knead them during that you keep jerking off.
She does it, applied like a schoolgirl, her eyebrows point towards her nose, her eyes wrinkled and her mouth that her teeth chew, paint a picture worthy of the Louvre.
– Do you like the smell? I asked him.
A furtive nostril pinch was his only answer. After a while, the pleasure comes. To greet her, a few drops of seed point out of my mea.
– Oh him, I said, a gift for you. Drop of the nectar of the gods!
A tongue, thin and long, points between her lips. I push my pelvis so that my sex meets her mouth. The drops flow on S.. She swallows them while grinning, takes her hands off my body and puts them flat on the couch in an attitude of refusal.
– Stop, she lets go, it’s over, I don’t play anymore. You’re too abject. It’s disgusting the way you make love. Go away, sir.
– Whoa, Mom, calm down! You’re the one who came to get me. You turn me on, you turn yourself in. You’re jerking off, I didn’t make you. And now you’re saying I’m a monster?
– Get out of here! Or I’ll call the police.
– And what will you tell your police?
– Stop talking like a young boy and leave my house.
– But you don’t understand anything, old lady. You think I didn’t know what was waiting for me here? You think Mother C. after taking it apart, didn’t talk to me? Listen to this, bitch!
I take my phone out of my pocket and make him hear our meeting and his requests.
– Do you really think you can tell me what to do? Imagine your husband receiving this recording? What will you do?
– Bastard, you’re worse than a monster,” she exploded.
– That’s it, that’s it. In the meantime, you’re only going to give me some money, and a good package, but you’re also going to finish the job. eSclave….
Shaped by this affront, my tail is swollen like never before. Approaching her, I climbed on top of her. Stuck by my legs, his arms. don’t get nervous. The hustle and bustle she gives by throwing her legs only has the effect of raising her tailor on her thighs, letting her stockings appear. She even dressed up so I could fuck her, that bitch. Trapped, without recourse, she gave up the struggle but refused to open her mouth. Refusing to take the risk of a bite, I jerk off above his face.
– Look closely, that’s dick. Do you like my balls?
Her hair in battle, her lipstick smearing around her mouth make me even more excited. I couldn’t take it anymore, I dropped a long stream of hot sperm right in his face. The liquid cocks her from her chin to her forehead, flooding her eyes, nose and mouth. I rub my dick on the fuck to spread it out and say:
– Wait, it’s not over. Smile for the picture,” I said as I pulled out my phone

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