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Step Mother sucked his son in law

For Arnaud’s birthday, his father gives him his mother-in-law so that, without his knowledge, she can suck his son-in-law’s cock.

Finally, a weekend of their own, without children, Margot and Mathieu were going to enjoy it. Chloe, who was in her third year of medical school, preferred to stay in college to review her next midterms, she was her mother’s pride. Margot was jubilant in advance to be able to tell her friends that in four years’ time, Sa Chloé would be a doctor when she herself would only be forty-six years old!

As for Arnaud, Mathieu’s son, who was supposed to celebrate his majority, was for this weekend with his mother, who was constantly complaining to his ex, about the madness of his offspring. Mathieu thought that there was no need to study to succeed, that he himself had managed to do so without jostling his brains, and that Chloé at the moment, given her physique, should be used as a guinea pig in a classroom for future gynaecology interns.

Mathieu was very focused on sex, it was Margot’s happiness who loved lust while being guided by her husband who enjoyed seeing her lose control in the act, whether in onanism or that time they went to a club. He was a candaulist! What a pleasure to see a man turn on his wife!

This Saturday at around 7pm, he prepared the aperitif, something to snack on while enjoying a glass of white wine. As always, he sat in the living room chair and Margot came to join him by wedging her legs under her on the couch. Jazz music made the atmosphere serene.
– To yours, my love, Margot announced as she raised her glass towards her husband.
– Here’s to you, sweetheart.
– Has it been your week?
– As always, with ups and downs. But I’m not going to complain, the money is coming in and that’s the main thing. What about you?
– Nothing special, the routine, like usually.
-That is, a few hands on your ass in the subway and indecent offers at work? Mathieu added with a piercing tone.
– If you like to think so, although not totally wrong, I don’t mind. To change the subject, tonight I made us scallops, does that make you happy?
– Hmmm, yes, I love it! But do you know what would make me happy before?
– No, what? What? She asked with a dubious pout.
– A little appetizer, at last for you, and let’s say a treat for me.
– Are you serious?
– Why, don’t you want to? After lunch I would have regained my strength and we could have another meal, right?
– A little treat? Margot raised her voice by nonchalantly standing up with a smile that made it seem like an open inclination to this proposal.
Approaching her husband, she took his glass of wine and rested it on the coffee table and knelt between her legs spread. As she looked at him in defiance, she unbuttoned the pants and pulled him to her belt as he lifted himself up to facilitate his removal. Margot began to caress the sex over the underwear.
– The gentleman’s desire is just waiting to be revealed, isn’t it?
– Yes, that’s why I ask an expert to officiate,” he joked.
Margot pulled on the underwear, making it slide halfway down her thigh. She opened her eyebrows when she discovered that her husband had shaved completely.
– Do you like it?
– No, I love it! Then she grabbed the amorphous limb and began to worship it with her fingers until it took shape. She leaned over the glans and poured a line of saliva over it to smear the shaft, which was beginning to soak with pleasure.
– We’re going to spice it up, my darling,” said Mathieu before his mouth worked on his intimacy. He leaned on the armrests to get up. I’ll get a scarf, I’ll get a scarf. want you to suck my dick without seeing me, so you can’t anticipate my reactions.
– If you want, why not?

Mathieu came out of the living room. Margot waiting for her return, happy with the turn of the evening, took a sip of wine, and took off her panties from under her skirt, anticipating the rest of the episode. Mathieu came back with a scarf that he took care to tie on his wife’s neck, then he made sure she didn’t see anything. Putting his index finger on his mouth, he waved to his son Arnaud, who had been hidden since the beginning of the evening, to join him without making any noise. The naked kid wallowed like a worm in the chair, while his father unbuttoned his mother-in-law’s blouse before pulling on the balconies that shifted the heavy breasts from their shackles.
– You are very desirable like that, he said to her.
Matthew led her to the chair and made her kneel between her son’s legs while going around the seat, and placed her face against Arnaud’s.
– Come on, sweetheart, show me you’re a great sucker.
Margot did the same thing as before and was surprised that sex had already been erected.
– It’s seeing your udders tossing underneath you, my darling, that makes me feel like this. Come on, get started.
Arnaud’s rod disappeared between the greedy lips. Margot led the rhythm, tasting the pleasure of sliding this thin skin into her mouth while playing with her tongue from time to time on the bead of the glans. Very quickly one of her hands took refuge under her skirt in search of a second delight that she would claim with her inquisitive fingers. Mathieu forced himself to moan as his son held back. With his arm outstretched, he immortalized the scene of his Smartphone, Arnaud raising his thumb as a sign of satisfaction, both to be sucked and to be sucked by his mother-in-law.
She sucked the glans in search of the acrid liquid, the first fruits of ejaculation, going to the point of trying to introduce the tip of her tongue into the meatus, a practice that her husband appreciated.
– Do you like it? She asked him in her moans.
– Keep going, sweetheart, go ahead, jerk off well.
– Do you want to? Asked Margot, who was holding her slimy fingers from her feminine essence towards Arnaud’s mouth.
– No, no, no, he defended himself for fear that while enjoying this jute, his wife realized the trickery since Arnaud was wearing a dental prosthesis. I want you to taste yourself, suck your fingers, sweetheart.
Margot did it quite quickly, too eager to give and receive the pleasure of her husband. Like a pig, she rushed to the penis to feed on it from her greedy mouth, while her fingers insinuated in her vulva brought her another well-being.

Seeing that his son was on the verge of ecstasy, Mathieu began to emit borborygmas of salacious grayness. Arnaud did not restrain himself and began to ejaculate by jerking down his mother-in-law’s throat. Margot continued to settle between her wet thighs with more frenzy to join the enjoyment of her man who continued to spread within her. Arnaud had bent slightly to caress the milky chest, pinching the nipples he was rolling under his fingers.

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The pressure was dropping, the breathing was getting bigger, Margot seemed to be tasting the viscous liquid that was flowing down her throat. Still kneeling, she had straightened up between her stepson-in-law’s legs. At that moment Mathieu said to him:
– What do you say, sweetheart?
– What do we say, what do we say? She returned the question. That it was good and I can’t wait to be after dinner for the next part, right?
– No, honey. No. They say, happy birthday Arnaud!
Arnaud had never stopped kneading his chest and it was his gaze staring into those of his mother-in-law when Mathieu untied the scarf he had given him. replied:
– Thank you, mother-in-law, I won’t forget this one.
As if awakened from a nightmare, Margot’s gaze went from Mathieu to Arnaud, trying to understand the trickery of which she had just been victim.
– Now I want to taste your fingers, she challenged him.
These words, probably too much, made her react. She jumped up and slipped away to the bathroom with a raging finger.

Arnaud went home to his mother, the scallops stayed in the freezer, and two hours later, and two more bottles of white wine later, Mathieu made love to his wife, both laughing at this aperitif, although Margot didn’t know how to approach her son-in-law next time.

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