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Arabic Muslim Milf Woman

Samira, 42, in the midst of a mid-life crisis, has just divorced and moved to Ile de France with her 17-year-old son Ben Salem. Thanks to her husband, she was able to buy a small pavilion in the Brussels region, 5km from the hospital where she works as a nurse. She is brown, has medium-length hair and matt skin. She is 1m75 tall and weighs 65 kg; a good pair of breasts and beautiful buttocks make her younger than her real age. It’s January; it’s the first week of work. It is Wednesday; it is grey in Paris. It’s 8:00, and I start at 9:00. I have white suspender belts with a black tunic; my stiletto heels are also black. I take my car and drive to the hospital; when I get there, I go directly to the changing rooms. I take off my jacket, put down my bag, put on a white coat and go to work. Today, I have to take care of the emergency room entrances; I work with a woman: Cécile, 44 years old, blonde, super beautiful and good to marry despite her four children. I kiss her and sit behind my desk, which is glued to hers. The day is quiet; there are not many entrances.

Samira, sexy arabic woman discovered pleasure

At 10:30, I go out in front of the emergency room with a coffee and light a cigarette. I sit on a bench at the entrance when a tall, muscular and very handsome young black man comes to talk to me. – Excuse me, ma’am; this is the emergency room? – Yes: it’s here. – Thank you! Thank you! He goes back to the emergency room; it’s amazing how cute I think he is, this guy… My cigarette finished, I go back to work. I see him waiting in front of the desk to be checked in; I sit down and ask him: – Are you being taken care of? – No. No. – Okay: I’ll take you. What’s your first name like? – Brahim; I am 22 years old. – Thank you. And what are you here for? – Uh, it bothers me a little… – I hear everything: it’s my job. – Well, actually, I have a lot of pain when I pee. – Good. I’ll let you sit down: a doctor will come and get you. – Ah… but it’s not you? – No, no, no, no! – Too bad… – Yes: too bad! – What is your background, young man? – Moroccan – And you, madam? – I am Algerian – And what’s your name? – Samira. – How old are you? How old are you? – 42 years old. – Frankly, you’re too beautiful for a 40-year-old woman; your husband must enjoy himself! – I’m divorced, and I have a 17-year-old son. – Oh? Well, good for me! Do you have a number? So we’ll see you again… – Yes, with pleasure! I give him my number, and he leaves saying to me: – I’ll call you tonight. – OK! OK! I go back to my occupations; Cécile notes: – You have become a cougar, my word! – Stop it; I haven’t done anything yet. – Yes, that’s it… That’s not mine you’re going to do it! I laugh and keep working.

I finish work at 4:00 and go straight home. I take a shower; when I come out, my son is doing his homework in the living room. I don’t bother him and go into the kitchen to make me a coffee and smoke a cigarette. My phone rings; I answer: it’s Brahim who invites me for a drink tonight at 8pm. I accept his invitation and go get ready: I put on black fancy stockings, a black cotton mini skirt, white stiletto heels and a white shirt with a V-neck. I put on my make-up; Brahim, the young Moroccan is already there. I go out and get in his car. – You look beautiful! – Thank you. Where are we going? – There’s a quiet bar next door. We drive and we arrive in this bar, located in a remote corner. We sit at a table for two at the back of the room, hidden from the other customers by a red hanging, and order two glasses of whisky. – Tell me, Samira, why did you get divorced? – My husband found out that I was sleeping with his great brother. – Ah, you’re a hot one, say so… – I’m a woman who has desires. – But I’m not judging you; you’re right to do what you love. – That’s right, otherwise I wouldn’t be here with you! – Sure… I have to tell you something: you turn me on so bad! – What is it about me that turns you on? – The fact that you’re an Algerian milf and that you’re super good. – Thank you; that’s nice. – You’re welcome! Under the table, I took off one of my shoes; with my foot, I start touching his dick. After a few minutes, he comes to sit next to me and takes out his dick.


Damn it, how big and tall she is! I’m starting to jerk her off. – Suck my dick, Samira…. – You’re hot, aren’t you? – Medium: I want to make you scream like a whore, like the kahba you are!!!! – Hmmmmmmm… the kahba? I’m your big fucking kahba!!!!! With these words, I lower my head, grab his big cock and start sucking him; I have to pump him for about ten minutes before he spits all his seed in my mouth. I swallow everything to the last drop and say to him: – You bring me back? – Wow, I want you! – No: another time. We get in his car and he takes me back. Outside my house, he says to me: – See you tomorrow? I want you so much! – Come and sleep at home… – And your son? – Ah, quiet. – OK. Let’s park and go home. My son is asleep, so we went straight to my room. I take off my heels, my pantyhose, my clothes and I find myself in a thong and bra in front of Brahim; I lie on the bed and he starts kissing me on my thighs, then he takes off my panties and starts licking my pussy. I don’t take long to come. – Yes, yes, yes, yes… Annnh!!!!! Anhhhh!!!!!!! Anhhhhhh!!!!! Anhhhhhh!!!!! Anhhhh!!!!!!! Yes! It’s so good! After this long cunnilingus, he undresses and presents his big cock at the entrance of shown here. When he brings it in, I make a long cry of pleasure. – Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh! Damn, your fucking cock is big! He begins to move slowly back and forth; little by little, the pleasure rises under his increasingly strong back strokes. This is so good! – Yoo-hoo…io…u…u…iiiiiiiii.

It’s very…………………………………………………………! Smash me like the kahba I am; go ahead, fuck me like a whore! – You want me to fuck you like a kahba, you Algerian whore! – Yes! Take me away, make me scream like a big bitch that I am! – But your son will hear us… – Annnnnh, it’s okay! Fuck me, you fat son of a bitch! He puts me on all fours and fucks me dry. – AIIIIIIIIIEEEE AIIIIIIIIIEEEE AIIIIIIIIIEEEE AIIIIIIIIIEEEE AIIIIIIEE AIIIIIIEE AIIIIEE AIIIIIIEE AIIIIIIEE AIIIIIIEE AIIIIIIIIEE AIIIIIIEE… You make my son of a bitch ache!!! Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, it hurts too much, Brahim, waaaaa… Stop it! – Shut up, you fucking Algerian whore! You wanted me to fuck you like a kahba? Even your son can hear you getting fucked… Do you like that dirty motherfucker? – Oh, fuck, zwwiiiiin… Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes… Ejaculate me at the bottom of the pussy! Let go of your seed! Take my big, fat Algerian kahba pussy apart! With these words, he ejaculates liters of semen at the bottom of my pussy; I still have ten minutes to recover, then he starts fucking me again like a madman. After the second time, I hold back more: I become his big bitch… At one point, I see my son coming to look at us through the half-opened door, but I come so much that I say nothing and I keep getting my orifices ripped open by this young Moroccan.

Algerian Whore with hijab


Ayana’s journey

Ayana, a 50-year-old woman, lives alone and has taken refuge in her work. She has not known a man’s hands on her skin for a long time. Today, she is going into training with three of her colleagues. This ordinary trip will brighten his life!

In front of her mirror, Ayana puts on make-up. She is not what is called “a cannon” but at 50 years old and despite a few kilos too much, Ayana is still very feminine and assumes, with pleasure, to be a round woman. Since her divorce a few years ago, she has been living alone. Loneliness sometimes weighs on her and it has been a long time, as Goldman used to say, that no one touches her.
Ayana has taken refuge in her work, she spends more time in her office than at home. So today, Ayana is happy, she goes to training for two days in Paris with three of her colleagues, all expenses paid by the company.
Loaded suitcase, direction the station and the TGV scheduled for 10 hours. Ayana meets her colleagues on the dock, Charles, Jean and Benoit. Charles and Jean are his oldest colleagues, both in their fifties. Benoit is the new kid in the twenty-five year old box with, as Ayana thinks, a nice little ass!
Here we are in Paris, after having taken their rooms, the four of them leave in formation all afternoon long. Back at the hotel and after a visit to their rooms to change, Ayana, Charles, Jean and Benoit found themselves at the hotel restaurant.
It’s been a long time since Ayana had such a good evening, it feels good for morale. After this good meal, well watered, Charles proposed
– How about a little poker in my room?
Ayana hesitates, but a small voice tells her “go ahead”. In Charles’ room, bigger than the others, there is a table, a bottle of whisky and four chairs. The game starts, no money, but chips to bet.
The atmosphere is very relaxed, and after a few rounds of games, Charles launches
– We could spice it up! How about Strip Poker?!
– You would agree Ayana, I don’t want to force you
Ayana is a little surprised, her first reaction would be to leave the room, but again the little voice says, “It can be fun and then it would loosen you up a little!” – All right, I’ll stay.
First round, it’s Jean who loses, he takes off his shirt.
Second round, Benoit’s pair is beaten by Charles’ three of a kind, he takes off his shirt. Ayana admires her muscular chest “not bad”
Third round, it had to happen, Ayana lost. Before the eyes, a little insistent, she takes off her blouse revealing her beautiful chest.
Little by little, all four of them find themselves almost naked. This situation increases the excitement and Ayana notices that the three men have trouble hiding their troubles, especially Benoit. “Hmmm, she says, he has a beautiful one.” The desire wins her over, she feels that the evening will change.
One more round of play, she’s gloating, Benoit lost! He takes off his underwear and shows Ayana’s greedy eyes a beautifully sized sex. completely excited, she gets up, approaches Benoit, kisses him and grabs this beautiful penis with one hand.
Ayana feels the presence, behind her, of Charles and Jean, who are also in great shape.
What a feeling, three men around her, their cocks at your guard, their hands, their mouths, exploring her body!
Ayana kneels, who’s she gonna suck first? Benoit! Suddenly, she swallows it up to the guard “humm, it’s hot” At the same time, she jerks off Charles and Jean. His mouth passes from one to the other, sucking, licking his outstretched limbs. The three men moan under Ayana’s tongue blows.
– Come on! Breathe Benoit, he pushes her on the bed. Completely unleashed, Benoit slips between Ayana’s thighs and suddenly penetrates her “Ah! the youthful fern is saying it” but it’s okay!
Charles and Jean slip on the bed, their hands caress Ayana’s stomach and breasts, who is (with great pleasure) subjected to Benoit’s attacks.
Ayana is completely at the mercy of these three men and she loves it! It’s been a long time since we fucked her like that! After Benoit, here comes Charles and then Jean who make her come. It’s less fiery than with Benoit, but deeper, more penetrating. Ayana appreciates the sensation of the limb sinking and slowly withdrawing into her.
Lying on her stomach, surrounded by the three men who caress her, she takes her breath back, always on a cloud. Charles, once again in great shape, slips her tongue between her buttocks, licking, penetrating the small hole, Ayana moans, raises her buttocks, her head in the pillow, she spreads them with her hands, under the blows of her tongues. Ayana loves it.
– Fuck Charles, fuck me!!
Charles takes it slowly, sticking his sex up Ayana’s dilated ass, a little forward, a little backward, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Ayana closes her eyes, makes little screams, bites her lips when Charles frees himself in one last bumper shot!
Ayana is still hungry! She lies on her side between Jean and Benoit. Sandwiched, she feels Benoit’s sex hard against her buttocks again.
John penetrates it, like Charles, very deep! With a long back and forth movement. Benoit bites his shoulder and brutally he too fucks him, pleasure and (small pains) mingle in an infinite pleasure. Ayana holds back her screams, the two men pound her in regular rhythm, her breathing accelerates, she feels Jean and Benoit ejaculating in her entrails at the same time! A few jolts and Ayana feels extremely well! Wow, what a great time! In a moment of silence Ayana, Benoit, Charles and Jean look at each other smiling. They will remember this training!

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