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Young boy discovered sex with a lady

I would like to tell you about the first time I made love to a woman. I was 18 years old, studying engineering in Paris, and living in a shared apartment with a friend. One morning, the doorbell rang at home. In my underwear, I opened the door. A beautiful redheaded woman who smelled the perfume smiled at me:”You must be Paul, my son’s roommate. “She had come from Lyon on purpose to see him. I was bored, Alain was on the move, he wouldn’t come home until the evening.

And, at the time, there was no cell phone to prevent it. Odette wanted to come back later, but I insisted on making her coffee. When I came back from the kitchen, she was sitting upright in our stoned couch. I had put on some pants. She told me that she had a great son like me, that I didn’t need to behave in any way with her. I served him a cup of coffee. Odette had made a long journey, she wanted to take a shower. I showed him the bathroom. I heard the water running, and imagined this naked woman, the water dripping on her… It made me hard.

A few minutes later, she called me. I forgot to give him a towel! Embarrassed, I handed him one through the door: “You’re too far away, my little one. “Scarlet red, I walked towards her. I couldn’t help but look at it. This lady had a sublime body! A white and supple skin covered with sound spots, a heavy chest still firm, a thin waist, a pubic area covered with a silky fleece. For the virgin I was, you can imagine… She took the towel, but one of her hands stayed on mine. “You’re hot too, my little one. A shower would do you good. Come on, no fuss. »

I clumsily took off my clothes. It made Odette laugh. I found her in the shower. “I’ll soap you up. “She has puts his words into action. She took care to pass through the line of my buttocks, under my purses, then attacked my sex. I had a boner of all the devils. “Excuse me,” I stuttered. “None of this between us,” she replied, kneeling before me. His mouth covered my dick. Her lips tightened around my penis and she sucked on me. I couldn’t hold it in, I spilled shit on all sides. I was ashamed. Odette kissed me. She asked me where my room was. She lay on my bed. We were still wet. She told me to suck her clitoris.

Shyly, I put a finger on his slit, I had no idea what to do. She guided me through my lips, on her little hard pimple, and showed me how to do it to give her pleasure. At the age of 18, my sex had regained all its courage – that was the good old days! I lay on top of her, and my organ easily found the entrance to her matrix. I started stamping it with all my strength, I had the impression that my head was going to explode, Odette started moaning, then she screamed. I was concentrating so I wouldn’t unload. In a great flash of pleasure, I was as if blinded, and I ejaculated before flattening myself on her, unable to move at all.

She patted my buttocks laughing:”My little one, you have a great future ahead of you. “Then she went to rinse herself off. I put on some clothes and ran away. I didn’t come home until the next day. I never spoke of this adventure again, but I thank Odette for denying me.

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