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During the last vacation, I went to a village club in Juan-les-Pins. At first, we had to go with a friend, we rented the bungalow together. But at the last moment, he was unable to attend.

The first five days, I was alone like a jerk. Fortunately, there was the swimming pool. As soon as I arrived, I landed there, by the water, quiet. Apart from me, there was a couple of old people, and if not, a mother with her two daughters, rebeus like me. I talked to the chicks, they were my age, but they were too much fun. And frankly, you were really welcome.

On the other hand, their mother, she really liked me from the beginning. We started chatting right away. Her name was Latifa. She told me that she was 45 years old, that she was divorced. She was well preserved for a woman of her age, you could tell she was looking out for her. Nickel feet and hands, not too much cellulite, beautiful curves from home, bleached hair in blond hair. Frankly, we got along too well. The second afternoon, we stayed by the pool to talk. His daughters had gone sailing.

I told him my whole life story. She told me that she wasn’t too interested in the Internet, she wanted to know what could be done about it. So inevitably, I told her about network games, sex sites… At first, it embarrassed me to talk ass with her, but she was laughing, she made me feel bad. I’ve come to tell him some hot stuff. After a while, I saw that she was getting hot, she made me shots “straps that fall off”, “I bend down to pick up my dark glasses”… I played it quiet, I kept chatting with her. But at one point, she noticed that I had a huge sunburn on my shoulders. Latifa insisted that I put on soothing cream. I explained to her that I didn’t have any, she offered to bring me some. She’s gone. She’s gone. I traced it in my bungalow.

Ten minutes later, someone was knocking on my door. I went to open the door. Latifa had a bottle in her hand. She ordered me to take a shower first. I came out with the towel around my waist, she passed the lotion all over my body. I can’t say it didn’t have an effect on me! Her hands were warm. I clung to my towel, but she kindly took it off, adding,”You know, big boy, at my age, I saw others. “I didn’t dare answer anything, she rubbed the cream on my butt. My zob got tense. I quickly calculated that Latifa had seriously cracked on my tail when I was free.

Suddenly, there was nothing of the tenderness of a chick who could have been my mother. She suddenly went wild, swallowed my cock, ate to the balls, a big hottie. My dick hurt. She squatted behind me and stuck her tongue up my ass while massaging my dick with the moisturizer. “It’s a very good lubricant for what we’re going to do,” she said before lying on the bedroom carpet with her back to me.

She opened her ball to the maximum with her hands. I threw myself on it to eat it, it smelled strong, I had the bar down. I suddenly entered her and stuffed her like I had never stuffed anyone before. That chick’s ass was definitely a highway. She ended up in my mouth, I sent my fuck down her throat. She got up to kiss me, all tastes mixed on my tongue.

For the next three days, we fucked like crazy. All she wanted was sodomy. I’ve never met a chick like that before. The problem is, is that she fell in love. You can see it in one of our pictures. She absolutely wanted to pump me into the pool one early morning. There was no one there. All along, she stared into my eyes.

On the fifth day, when my buddy arrived, I told Latifa that we had to stop, that she could be my mother. Still, it still made my heart hurt a little bit when I told him that.

I’m not sure I’ll find a job like her for a long time….

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