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Red Hair woman dressed like 30's

I tell you here about my adventure that happened a few years ago. My companion, Nicolas, had been invited by his sales assistant, Claire, to dinner with her husband, Philippe.

It was summer, short skirt, heels shoes etc. I had always had a doubt about the relationship between Nicolas and Claire… Philippe was handsome, tall and attractive, seductive aussi ! He didn’t hesitate to stare at my crotch when I crossed and straightened the legs at the aperitif. Dinner was well watered… We ended up with the digestive. Philippe proposed to show us their holiday photos in a naturist camp. They were much more liberated than nous !

In the dark, very excited by the male and female nudes, I started to get slightly wet. Philippe discreetly put a hand on my thigh. I took it off immediately, but he soon came back to the charge… The situation excited me, I had to admit it. Claire and my boyfriend were right next door. I left Philippe’s hand in place. He went up to my pussy and stroked it through the thong. I was a little embarrassed about Nicolas. But when I got warmed up like I was, I dismissed the cuisses ! Philippe shot my thong to get it out. He did all this by continuing to comment on his holidays. His finger pressed on my clit. I bit my lips so I wouldn’t scream my pleasure.

I never knew if Claire had done the same with Nicolas. As soon as we got home, I fucked my boyfriend, but he didn’t seem to suspect the reasons for my humidity… After a while, Philippe contacted me again so that we could go further in our relationships… I refused because Nicolas was adorable, but it’s true that he wasn’t very focused on sex. On Philippe’s second attempt, I finally gave in. I have a strong desire to brave the interdit !

We met at the hotel. It was an indomitable fuck party. I came many times… Never had it been like this with Nicolas. I really enjoyed sucking his long, thin, fully waxed cock.

So we started again another night, in the same hotel. This vicious little guy had left the light on and the curtain ajar. There was a voyeur in the room across the street… What a shock for me to play the exhib’ ! It inspired me a lot and I shouted my pleasure in doggy style that night.

His last madness was to take me to a libertine sauna. Again, I gave in, I wanted to try a new experience. In the hot tub, we were close to a couple. The woman took me by the hand to caress her husband’s sex while she touched Philippe’s. Her boyfriend was fingering me. Too bon !

Then upstairs, Philippe took me through a dark room where I felt cocks and hands touching me. Then we joined the couple in the jacuzzi in a closed room where we fucked each other by exchanging men. A first for me who only knew Nicolas  ! Fucking a stranger in front of his girlfriend, wahou ! His sex was very big, he made me come loudly. And seeing that girl get caught by Philippe gave me back everything…

But then I preferred to break up with Philippe and close this chapter of my life. I have returned to a wiser existence with only one man. However, I have never forgotten those hot moments. I’m satisfied with naturist beaches now… It’s already ça !

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