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Sexy Woman - MILF in holidays at sea

At forty-eight years old and a widow, I found love again on holiday at the home of my friend Liliane and her son, Anatole. This boy had become a very handsome, handsome young man. A great intimacy has been created between us. He was very much around me… And I showed him that it wasn’t to displease me. Perched on my high heels that highlighted the shape of my calves and the roundness of my buttocks, I clearly grasped his rascal look that detailed my silhouette without any restraint.

One fine morning, without knowing that my young suitor was watching me, I went out of the bathroom naked to go to my room, innocently… And then I saw him in the shadows at the end of couloir ! His beautiful eyes opened wide and he found himself more stupid than I was to be surprised. That didn’t stop him from detailing my body from the head to pieds ! He didn’t lose a thing, the little salopiaud ! I, in the end, was very comfortable with my nudity.

Suddenly, he took out his young tense cock to masturbate in front of me. I stepped forward. He, ashamed, kept his eyes down, he started apologizing. I just put one hand on his tail and gently scolded him: “Say, it looks like you have good intentions for me…” I started to jerk him off gently while waiting for his answer, looking at him with my eyes open and my eyebrows raised. He stuttered, he didn’t know what to say, I felt he was going to come quickly… I rubbed his young tail against my pussy. A discharge ran through me and so did he. I took him to my room, literally from the tip of his dick.

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I lay on the bed. I invited him with my eyes. I could feel my pussy in water. “Now that you’ve turned me on, I’d like you to fuck me. “But despite being twenty years old, Anatole was still a virgin, which is rare denos jours !! He confessed to me that, looking shameful. He didn’t know what to do. So I grabbed his rod and put it on the entrance of my person. His dick was hard on my big clit of a woman. I showed him the way. I guided his dick into me and impaled myself on him. The ardour of his youth quickly regained the upper hand and suddenly he freed himself from his appréhensions ! It was inside me, very warm… He started pounding me like a taureau ! For the moment, he was very far inside me and possessed me like a real guy, he put me on like a chaussette ! He has me défoncée ! What a pleasure to be swept by a very young man homme ! This brought me back to my twenty ans ! As a young male satisfied to kit an experienced female, Anatole did not take long to come.

In the days that followed, we avoided getting her mother’s attention and were able to continue our dirty little games. We went as far as sodomy, he fucked me like a real man and I pushed my butt away so that he would always go further inside me. Unfortunately, my friend ended up surprising us and she took it very badly… We had to put an end to this adventure and I left them a little hastily. What a pity, I had trained him so well, he was really becoming an excellent amant ! I’m not desperate to sneak him into my house so I can suck him again… We’ll see. In the meantime, I am quite proud to have contributed to his education sexuelle ! As they say, it’s in old pots….

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